Ghana lookbook

Met veel plezier laten we hier de ambachtelijke vervaardiging van onze Ghana Batiks zien.
Traditioneel handwerk uit Afrika, puur en eerlijk, met liefde gemaakt door de lokale bevolking.

1 SS.jpg

Stamps used to create patterns on the batik.

2 en 3 SS.jpg

Vivian is using the form stamps which she dips into the melted wax by her side
and stamps it on the white cotton fabric.


4 SS.jpg

Dipping the brush and form stamp in the melted wax.

5 en 6 SS.jpg

Kojo is using a brush and some melted wax to draw the weave patterns.
This is after he has dyed the cotton fabric yellow.


7 SS.jpg

This is the metal iron and the charcoal fire they use to heat it.

8 en 9 SS.jpg

Aku and Reiss are ironing the batik.

10 en 11 SS.jpg

Hand-made batik cotton fabrics. Made by skilled craftsmen and women. This is Grace
and she has done the batik for 40 years.

12 SS.jpg

These batiks are made in Accra, Ghana.

Liefs uit Ghana:
"The batik business collapsed, so your money helped to revive the business again.
Thank you very much for the help. May God richly bless you and keep your business flourishing."

"We are happy and proud to help make a difference in the lives of talented and creative people.
Many thanks and our best wishes to you all."

Ghana batiks

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